Friday the 13th

Awoooh! It’s Friday the 13th. They say you shouldn’t go out of the house or else you’ll stumble on bad luck. But I had bad luck even before I slept, when I woke up, and while in school. Why? Because of the bad bad flu *cry* I missed my 7-8:30am OrCom 155 OrCom Stat class with Prof. Chadwick Sysu. And my TFA classmates said they had a nice conversation in class. Arrgghh! I hate missing stuff like that. I didn’t wake up late. In fact, I couldn’t sleep at all. I can’t breathe well and I was coughing.

The Villar Experience

Another to look forward to this day was my first meeting with Prof. Rafael Villar. The supposedly terror teacher of OC109.2 Technical Writing 2. He wasn’t as terrorizing as I imagined. He actually had a goofy smile on that made me want to hug him and say “Uncle!/Grandpa! Where is my pasalubong?”

The unfortunate incident for that moment began when I asked Shunnie if I can eat in Sir Villar’s class. She said it’s okay for classes that hit lunch time. Since my class is from 1130-1pm, I assumed it was okay. When he arrived, it was embarrassing like this:

Sir Villar: Kayo nanaman? Wala bang bago?

Me: *seated in front, eating, unang subo ng Chicken nuggets and rice* Ako po sir bago! *smile*

Sir Villar: *serious look* No eating in my class. *smile*

Me: *hides the plate under the table*

That was scary. ohhhh Shunniiiieee! At quarter to 1, Sir Villar ended his briefing session and dismissed us early. That gave me more than enough time to wolf down my chicken nuggets and rice before the next 1-230pm class arrives. A little unsolicited knowledge: I can finish a plate in 5-10minutes or less.

After that productive class which discussed a research on ‘Baseball Metaphors of Sex’ as an example for exploratory research, I went home with enrollment and cleaning in mind. I decided to follow Nadz and Shunnie to the cashier and pay my tuition. But the moment I saw the long line, I turned around and headed home. I’d rather clean and do something productive with my time than waste it standing there in the heat. I love house cleaning – especially the mopping part, I get to play with water.

Japanese Encounter

By 3pm, I decided to go back to school and finally pay my tuition. Inside the elevator, I met a Japanese man. When the elevator opened to the 3rd floor open parking space, he said “Ame”. I remembered UP AME’s upcoming event and realizing that I have no costume yet, I said, “Hala! Sa Ame pa pala”. Caught up in my own little world I added, “Mendoukusai”. Apparently, the old man’s ears were still as sharp as ever, and he asked me, “Nihonjin desuka?” To which I replied, “Iie, Firipinjin desu.” Oha oha! A little Jap knowledge helps. Because of the wondrous speed of the elevator, we had a little chat inside that small space and people around us were probably thinking if the old man and I are relatives of some sort. It’s not the  first time I was mistaken as Japanese. Oho! I’m so flattered. But really, I am half Chinese. And I know more about Japanese culture than Chinese culture (including the language) even after 3 years of studying in a Chinese school. As if I was interested to learn.

Back at the Registrar’s building

I decided to wait in line because it was 3pm and they close at 4pm. Plus, they said before that Friday will be the last day of paying tuition. Which is why everybody clamored to line up. But as I finally made up my mind to wait in line, the security guard placed the “Cut-Off” sign in front of me and told me that the cashier can’t accommodate anymore than the guy in front of me. Good thing, he also mentioned that I can pay until November 20, or else I’d be in a fury.


It’s around 330pm and I arrived at the OMAKE tambayan with lots of time to spare before the GA starts. During the GA, we discussed a lot of things. I also met new friends, Emil from Industrial Pharm, and Jenny from SocSci – both 3rd year students like me. And finally Satori returned my purplish wig. Hoooray! The five of us: Jen, Ate Vika, Bernard, Jenny, and I decided on 3 possible events which we can still pursue for the rest of the AY. We decided to have a Little Tokyo fair around December, have an Eiga Sai around January, and join the UP Fair around February. I hope all these plans will transpire. Cause I admit, I have lots of ideas but I’m too lazy to work on it.

KFC Rob Manila: Sloooow

The other day, Monique and I agreed to have a ‘screening’ of FF7 Complete at my house. So this day came and they were on their way here. I passed by KFC cause I was really hungry. And even though the line was very long, I endured. When my turn came, the cashier left me and did other things. I thought she was just following-up previous orders so I waited, but she didn’t come until I raised my questioning eyebrow at her. As she came, gesturing to the other long line, she said, “Ma’am dun nalang po kayo sa kabila kasi close na po ako”. At the sight of the long line, I spat, “So pipila nanaman ako ng pagkahabahaba?! Bakit di mo sinabi kanina?!” Seeing that I was mad (which rarely happens), she opened and took my order. Comparing to other cashiers, she was the slowest. If only I went to the other line, I would have finished sooner. I ordered the usual Snack box and brownies plus the new Twister. It’s supposed to be a toasted tortilla wrap with chicken, beef pepperoni, onions, pizza sauce, and mozarella cheese inside. I expected it to be quite special with an intriguing flavor because it was expensive at 75php. But it only had 3 pcs of pepperoni, 3 funshots, a layer of onion, cheese that didn’t melt, and pizza sauce that tasted like the ones sold in sachets. I was so disappointed. You’re better off buying McDonald’s chicken burger and add pizza sauce. KFC’s Twister tasted like uncooked fish.

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete

It took them a while to finally arrive at my pad. I already ate my KFC take out. We watched Hetalia while waiting for the FF7 file to be transferred to my HD. It was all in vain though, the player won’t read the FF7 .avi file. So i just plugged the audio out to the home theater’s auxiliary and voila! movie-like sounds. The least we can experience since we are watching it via my laptop’s 14″ screen *sigh*.

There was lots of food passed around, bread, pen and the scrapbook, more talking… As always, being with the group is fun. Everybody can relate. Late comers: Kuya Jan and Ardi-niichan. The one I didn’t expect to come but I was hoping to: Ward. And he brought me cheese fries! Yay! To make me happy, Wilma made another appearance, this time sexier than ever, s/he was endorsing Ponds Whitening Cream to everyone. She had a purple wig on, a green jumper, a blue ribbon around the neck, and my old eyeglasses. Moe moe kyuunn! Thanks dude! Very nice entertainment. I wanna post your photo here, but I won’t. It’s for our family’s consumption. Hahaha

The sad part, people had to leave at the end of the day. Once again, I am left all alone. *emo*

The fun didn’t end there. I was on SuperUnli. Oh yeah! It comes really handy for midnight to dawn conferences which continues the fun. We have to keep Ward company while he makes his templates…

*update* I slept at 5am and woke at 10am hohoho


~ by Pat on November 14, 2009.

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