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Oh noes. I wasn’t able to blog for a week! Boo!

It’s Tuesday again, and I still don’t have lots of free time in terms of my things to do. Blogging doesn’t mean I have time, I’m just taking a short break so that I won’t have a nervous breakdown. I am currently eating my favorite buns: Roti Mum Coffee bun and the oatmeal bun. Nomnomnom! As always, my choice of beverage is water. Icy water. Refreshing!

Series of Rants

  • School is robbing me again: SP COM 183 Film Screening; Coalescence Conference at La Salle..
  • My aunt is impatient as usual: She ordered me to send her exercise DVDs to Zamboanga where she is spending a week’s vacation. This was followed by her fiance’s paperback which she ordered to be sent to her the next day.
  • Why can’t UP Manila library subscribe to Communication Journals??!! I also need the latest edition of the APA Style Manual.

Appreciating Stuff

  • Waking up at 7am is now a thing to look forward to. Every meeting with Prof. Chadwick Sy Su for our OrCom 155 Statistics class is fun. Even if he says forbidden words every now and then, I am actually developing affection for the statistics software called SPSS. You know you  are learning something when you probe for knowledge.
  • Another fun time to look forward to is the 8:30am SP COM 183 Audio and Visual Communication class. It is like our Humanities 2 all over again but this time with a focus on film. Not only do I learn something new about art and history, I also pick up ideas that influence mine – things that make you think, “Oo nga ano?”
  • Thank God for Skyflakes! For Saturday, I have two classes that lasts 3 hours each. I am used to being in class for 6 hours but not in succession. By the afternoon, I even slept in class. Good thing Sir Ed Timbungco always gives us 15minute break after 1.5 hours of discussion. I used that precious 15 minutes to catch Zzzzs and woke up to see my professor already discussing in front and the class in silence. If it weren’t for munching Skyflakes in class, I would have fallen back to sleep.  Plus, I even recited more. Oh my holy brain fuel.

Mangaholix Manga Mania III

This was the most awaited event of all during the past week. I planned to cosplay Konata Izumi from the anime series and ova Lucky Star. I wanted to cosplay this character ever since I watched Lucky Star. I can totally relate to her: being an otaku, studying only the night before the exam, still in front of the computer even hours before the exam, and putting off studying for later later and later. But I was definitely not the shortest in my group of friends.

When I forgot about my cosplay plans for Konata, I was reminded by this <see picture on the left> from a cosplay blog. Isn’t she really pretty? I mean, didn’t she get the character well? And look at those green eyes. Awesome! Sadly, I wasn’t able to get myself a pair of green lenses to complete my look. But I learned how to put false eyelashes. Turns out, you’ll look more anime-ish when you use falsies cause they open your eyes. It feels like I’m learning the secrets of cosplay make-up little by little. I might write a blog about that sometime when I learn more about it.

Regarding my cosplay, I feel quite confident that I got the sailor uniform right. The length is just right, the size, and even the cloth. What’s more, when I compared in juxtapose the color of the uniform in the video and of my commissioned costume, the color was perfect! Also, I am proud of my wig because I’m getting good at styling wigs. I found out that the tangling tendencies of wigs can be reduced by spraying a little hair spray on it. Wigs are washable, so you can always style them in another way. However, my wig is not knee-high long. That one was too expensive.

Lucky Channel, now hosted by Konata Izumi and Shiraishi Minoru

P.S. Shiraishi Minoru cosplayer has no graded contact lens for this cosplay. ^^

A Konata Izumi cosplay won’t be complete without a pose with any anime character.

Ohohoho! Spot the difference: I have a nose, the cartoon doesn’t. My favorite pose. I enjoyed being Konata for a day. It feels like sembreak all over again. I am sure I will cosplay Konata again after I puff my wig some more.

Overall, M3Con was fun with all those freebies. But something was missing – rather, someone was absent. Check our photos here.

AdHere’s Advertising 101

As a member of UP Manila AdHere’s Marketing and Publicity team, I, along with 4 of my classmates were tasked to create a teaser poster for our upcoming Advertising 101 seminar on December 4. My task was to do a simple poster showing a copy error. Here are my designs.

Initial layout

Edit requested by Patti (team leader? not sure who is)

Final edit requested by higher ranks ^^

Which among the three do you like best?

Should stop here. I need to look for the latest APA Style Manual. I’ve decided to order it online and have it shipped in one day.


I can’t believe I forgot that yesterday, November 23 2009  marks the 5th month of Mogu and me. We were both too busy with school. Although we were together. Haha

I found the APA at UST Library. I pray someone will be able to get it for me.


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