All I Want For Christmas v.2009

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Here I am again with my Christmas wishlist. I am glad to say that the following wishes from last year have been granted (mostly bought by me, others given, one dealt with):

-Nikon D90 DLSR kit… a deal between my me and my dad: in exchange for a year’s worth of allowance.
-wigs.. I bought 3 wigs this year: for Konata Izumi, Ciel Phantomhive, and Chrome Dokuro.
-dresses.. got them from a thrift store: mom paid for them.
-shoes/boots.. my aunt sent them from Ireland.
-hair brush.. I bought from Paganini.
-big sunglasses.. my mom bought matching pairs for the two of us during the summer vacation.
-mechanical pencil.. given by the wonderful Ms. Terry – it’s purple too!
-a boyfriend.. he wasn’t who I was hoping/expecting for but I found that he exceeded expectations *love love*
-Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass figure.. given by the Tish Girls on my 18th birthday.
-42″ 5-in-1 reflector.. bought this one 2 weeks ago.
-organizing stuff (boxes, envelopes, drawers).. I can’t stand things being messy so I bough them.
-cosplay: Lucky Star (Konata Izumi), Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Maria Ross), xxxHolic (Himawari Kunogi)

Now on to my wishes for this coming year:

-Nikon Speedlight SB900 Flashgun or
-Vivitar DF-383 flash or
-Vivitar PRO-648 flash
-70-300mm f/4-5.6G AF Nikkor lens
-Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM AutoFocus Standard Lens for Nikon (much needed)
-shoes / boots
-leggings in different colors and lengths
-skinny jeans of different colors and fabric
-baby doll dresses (especially Maruione, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Blanc et Noir, Espada)
-Sony PSP 3000
-1TB external HD
-Dance pad (so I can finally learn the dance revo)
-one on one photography training with Pilar Tuason, Pat Dy, and Frank Hoefsmit
-one on one make up training with Jake Galvez
-a good sturdy and colorful suitcase
-DeviantArt subscription
-subscription to Preview Magazine
-subscription to MEGA magazine
-Globe Tattoo kit (I have the Smart Bro, I wanna try this)
-make up brushes set
-nice printer-scanner-copier (my Epson Stylus CX5500 sucks)

Want these things later on:

-advanced violin lessons with Manila Philharmonic Orchestra
-Motorola Moto Q 8 mobile phone
-MacBook Air
-a real but not sharp katana
-120gb iPod Classic
-RD-700GX Digital Piano
-a real kimono set
-Soundcraft COMPACT 4 desktop audio mixer
-Bose QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphonesS
-Visa & Passport
-lots of Moolah
-Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet
-Shure KSM44-SL Studio Condenser Mic w/ Accessories
-a flute
-a cello
-Olympus EVOLT E330 dlsr camera PT-E02 underwater case
-a real hanbok set
-PADI Advance Open Water Diver Course

And of course, my cosplay Plans:

-Lucky Star: other characters (Tsukasa is ready)
-xxxHolic: Himawari Kunogi (only the hair isn’t ready)
-Granado Espada: Wizard (in progress for Victorian Valentine)
-Dream of Doll: I-Ra (in progress for Ozine Fest 2010)

I am not a bad person, these are just material wishes. If I list non-material wishes, the list might go on forever. For example:

-peaceful elections
-environmental awareness for everyone
-good governance
-selfless public service
-a good relationship with my boyfriend
-safety, health, prosperity and happiness for my family
-good grades
-motivation etc etc etc

So, for those who are reading this, anything up there you wanna grant me?


Raki Stah

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Oh noes. I wasn’t able to blog for a week! Boo!

It’s Tuesday again, and I still don’t have lots of free time in terms of my things to do. Blogging doesn’t mean I have time, I’m just taking a short break so that I won’t have a nervous breakdown. I am currently eating my favorite buns: Roti Mum Coffee bun and the oatmeal bun. Nomnomnom! As always, my choice of beverage is water. Icy water. Refreshing!

Series of Rants

Hero Nation 2009

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Date: November 30, 2009

Venue: A-Venue, Makati Ave., Makati City Continue reading ‘Hero Nation 2009’


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It is interesting how everything is balanced. We might not really feel the positive side of the equation but everything is truly balanced – my professor in Speech Comm 183 (Audio Visual Communication) for this sem said so. I used to feel bad about not being able to afford nice doll houses and other play things, but the lack of funds was compensated with a good enough brain to enjoy reading books as much as I enjoy playing with dolls.

The First Half of the Day

My Monday started really nice. I woke up early, ate clam soup for breakfast, had a ‘have a nice day in school‘ kiss from my mom, and greeted by a smiling professor despite me being 5minutes late. We had a nice introductory discussion and though there was nothing to take notes of just yet, there was a lot of substance without having to sacrifice the fun in class. I like that casual environment we had this morning. I like it so much that it seemed to have ended too early. Time flies really fast when you are enjoying something… Continue reading ‘Balance’

Friday the 13th

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Awoooh! It’s Friday the 13th. They say you shouldn’t go out of the house or else you’ll stumble on bad luck. But I had bad luck even before I slept, when I woke up, and while in school. Why? Because of the bad bad flu *cry* I missed my 7-8:30am OrCom 155 OrCom Stat class with Prof. Chadwick Sysu. And my TFA classmates said they had a nice conversation in class. Arrgghh! I hate missing stuff like that. I didn’t wake up late. In fact, I couldn’t sleep at all. I can’t breathe well and I was coughing.

The Villar Experience

Another to look forward to this day was my first meeting with Prof. Rafael Villar. The supposedly terror teacher of OC109.2 Technical Writing 2. He wasn’t as terrorizing as I imagined. He actually had a goofy smile on that made me want to hug him and say “Uncle!/Grandpa! Where is my pasalubong?”

The unfortunate incident for that moment began when Continue reading ‘Friday the 13th’

AOF Experience & etc

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Hello my dear blog! I miss you so much. I know I haven’t posted anything aside from events and non-blog-worthy posts. I apologize for that. 1st semester of my third year has been really toxic. I don’t wanna remember anymore. Anyway, all the hard work paid off with the abundance of grades not below 2.0. Righteous eh? I know! I’m so excited that I am motivated to complete my INC in OC140. As promised, I’ll do my best to post something everyday. I wish I have a handy digicam I can use to add photos of the day here. You know I can’t carry Potassium (Nikon d90) all around. Continue reading ‘AOF Experience & etc’

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010 Schedule

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Filipino designers will again unveil another season of fashion and creativity for the Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2010.


Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010
October 21-28,2009
Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Philippines


DAY 1 — 21 OCT 2009 — Wednesday

5:30PM —  Hall 2, SMX Convention Center
Ben Farrales, Bo Parcon, Boying Eustaquio, Christian Narvadez, Jaz Cerezo, Jontie Martinez, Marc Rancy, Martin Bautista, Melvin Lachca, Nicky Martinez, Philip Tampus, Popo Go, Richard Papa, Veejay Floresca

6:30 PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center

7:30PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center

6:30 PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center

DAY 2 — 22 OCT 2009 — Thursday

5:30PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center
Alex Pigao, Anthony Cesar Ramirez, Dave Ocampo, Gil Macaibay, Herbert Custodio, Kat Corpus, Kat Sy, Kermit Tesoro, Manelle Chamian, Maricar Kobayashi, Pablo Kabahug, Raoul Ramirez, Ricky Abad, Roel Rosal, Ronaldo Arnaldo

6:30PM — Main Atrium, Mall of Asia
Lee Jeans

7:30PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center

9:30PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center

DAY 3 — 23 OCT 2009 — Friday

5:30PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center
PRIMIER A Collection
Arnel Zulueta, Catherine Cavilte, Dax Bayani, Ramon Favila, Yako Reyes

6:30PM — Main Atrium, Mall of Asia

7:30PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center

9:30PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center

DAY 4 — 24 OCT 2009 — Saturday

1:00PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center
PRIMIER B Collection
Delby Bragais, Edwin Uy, Jaki Penalosa, John Guarnes, Nolie Vineza

2:30PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center

4:00PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center

5:30PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center
Jerome Lorico, Eric Delos Santos

6:30PM — Main Atrium, Mall of Asia

7:30PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center

9:30PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center
HEAVEN by Nestle Ice Cream presents
PREMIERE C Collection
Arnold Galang, Dita Sandico Ong, Enrico Carado, Happy Andrada, Tina Daniac, Raoul Ramirez for EsAc, Lyle Ibañez for EsAc plus

DAY 5 — 25 OCT 2009 — Sunday

1:00 PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center
PRIMIER D Collection
Anthony Nocom, Jun Jun Cambe, Marc Tana, Odelon Simpao, Simon Ariel Vasquez, Ziggy Savella

2:00 PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center
PRIMIER D Collection
Joel Escober, Twinkle Ferraren

4:00 PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center
Jerom Salaya Ang, Jorge Palmos

5:30PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center
Chris Diaz and Michelle Lim

6:30PM — Main Atrium, Mall of Asia
Bench, HUMAN, Kashieca

7:30 PM — Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center
WHISPER presents
Sassa Jimenez

9:30PM — Hall 2, SMX Convention Center

DAY 6 — 26 OCT 2009 — Monday

6:30PM — Main Atrium, Mall of Asia
Cream Silk Treatment
RUNWAY READY featuring
Alodia Cecilia, Anna Lean Salvador, Ava Paguyo, Ciege Cagalawan, Dimple Lim, Don Protasio, Jian Lasala, Kristel Yulo, Lizanna Cua, Pier Lim, Reian Mata, Tippi Ocampo

DAY 7 — 27 OCT 2009 — Tuesday

6:30PM — Main Atrium, Mall of Asia
POND’S presents Red Dress Collection

DAY 8 — 28OCT 2009 — Wednesday

6:30PM — Main Atrium, Mall of Asia




Sources: Tristan Yap and Phillippine Portrait FashionPhotographers